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Part 2 - Installing the necessary apps

You have finished Part 1 - Super simple one step installation - and are now ready to install the necessary apps.

Optional: If you clicked PuTTY away, you can log back in with your new user and the password you chose in Part 1.

If you exited Gooby, you can go back to the menu by typing


You can explore the options on your own, but here are a few important apps that require more than just a one step installation. Please follow along carefully.

Configuring Rclone

Arguably, the heart of your entire installation will be Rclone, so let's start with that. It is one of the most vital applications to install because it will connect to your Google drive. It is also the the hardest part of this entire tutorial... but it needs to be done. Grit your teeth and follow along please.

You can find Rclone in menu B - Media Applications.

After you confirm that you want to install Rclone, you will be asked if you want to install the Stable or Beta version. I suggest you accept the default "S" for stable, so just hit Enter.

You will be presented with a choice, type the letter n for "New remote" and hit the Enter key.

You are asked to give a name. With the latest version of Gooby you can pick any name you want, for example "Gdrive" (without the quotes).

Check which option mentions Google Drive "drive" in the list (in the latest version this is #12), so type 12 and Enter.

Leave client_id> blank, just Enter.
Leave client_secret> blank as well, just Enter.

Scope that Rclone should use> 1 (full access)

ID of root folder> blank, just Enter
Service account files> again leave blank, just Enter.

Choose n, because No, you don't need to edit the advanced config.

Finally type the letter n for No, you don't want to use auto config and Enter.

You'll get a message that if your browser doesn't open, you will need to copy and paste the following link. You will need to place the entire link in a block by dragging your mouse (see screenshot below). Do not hit Ctrl-C - remember, this is PuTTY - dragging the mouse and placing the link in a block means it's copied.

Go to your local browser and paste the link. You will be asked to log into Google and accept authorization. You will then be given a code to paste in PuTTY.

Paste the code (right click), hit Enter.

Next you will be asked if you want to configure it as a team drive. Unless you know exactly what this means, type n - you don't want it.

If you see any unknown options, just hit Enter... I don't know what to do with them either (Rclone keeps adding features) :)

Finally type y that Yes, all is okay and then q to Quit config.

You should see the following in your list of current remotes:

In the next two sections you will be asked to confirm what you named your drive - you will more than likely just need to press Enter here.

Lastly, you can indicate what folder you use for your Media in Google itself. I put all my content in a folder called Media - so that is what I entered.

Pfew! You have managed to get through the hardest part - the rest will be a breeze!

All done!

Now that the hardest part is done, you can go on to the last and final Part 3 - Setting up the services, where everything will come nicely together!