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Part 6 - Making it all come together

Well done, after finishing Part 5 - Mounting the drive(s) you are ready to roll!

Part 5 - Mounting the drive(s)

You made it up to here, you finished Part 4 - Setting up Rclone and/or Plexdrive and are still with it, congratulations! The hardest parts are done, it'll be downhill from now on. Promise!

Part 4 - Setting up Rclone and/or Plexdrive

Now that you finished Part 3 - Install and configure Plex, we're halfway there... keep with it!

Part 3 - Install and configure Plex

Finished Part 2 - Configuring Ubuntu? Then you can proceed with the installation of Plex itself. Thanks to an awesome script that is available for free, this is going to be a breeze.

Part 2 - Configuring Ubuntu

Read first: Creating an infinite Plex server using a VPS and Cloud service

So you're thinking of starting a media server on a VPS with infinite storage on a cloud service, but you have no idea where to start. This sounds like me, a few weeks ago - I found the installation absolutely daunting!