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CloudHQ - the answer to a problem I didn't know I had

Today I'd like to focus on CloudHQ - a service I have found indispensable in keeping all cloud services connected.

I was a fervent user of Evernote and paid for premium, until recently they upped the price from $45 (US) to $89 (Canadian). I thought of downgrading to Evernote Basic, but then there is new two device limit, which makes Evernote useless to me because I always have a few phones (perks of being a tester) and tablets around.

So, at that point I decided to search for other alternatives. After much research, I decided to settle on Google Docs... which posed an immediate problem. How was I going to get my 1700 notes across to Google Drive? Many contain PDF attachments, images or web clippings. I almost thought I had to give up on the idea... until I suddenly remembered CloudHQ.

In fact, CloudHQ is the only service (that I found) that seems able to do the trick: convert my Evernote files to Google Drive!

Time to put this to the test. Once you log into your account, you are invited to start the cloudHQ setup:

Following the wizard is as easy as click through - in my case, I wanted a single user set up:

To sync two cloud services.

After picking the two I needed (Evernote to Google Drive), the notebooks/stacks I want to transfer and changing to one way sync (I don't need to sync back), this screen pops up.

The only change I made is instead of having all my notes as PDF, I chose to convert them to Google Docs format.

And, that was all. Right away, I got the confirmation that sync was running okay:

After a few hours, all my notes were in Google drive, without a hitch... in the Evernote folder which I had created - Evernote's notebook stacks as main folders:

Individual notebooks as subfolders within the main folder:

And all my notes, PDF attachments and web clippings neatly within that folder.

I can't believe what an easy process it was to convert my entire Evernote collection - thanks to CloudHQ!

P.S. I just learned about their new chrome extension which enables Gmail users to share gmail labels and collaborate with other uses. Might be worth checking it out!


  1. Did you know? You can also have the free version of Evernote and just sync it to make it work on multiple devices:

    1. No, I didn't, thanks! Will check it out for sure :)


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