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CloudHQ - the answer to a problem I didn't know I had

Today I'd like to focus on CloudHQ - a service I have found indispensable in keeping all cloud services connected.

I was a fervent user of Evernote and paid for premium, until recently they upped the price from $45 (US) to $89 (Canadian). I thought of downgrading to Evernote Basic, but then there is new two device limit, which makes Evernote useless to me because I always have a few phones (perks of being a tester) and tablets around.

So, at that point I decided to search for other alternatives. After much research, I decided to settle on Google Docs... which posed an immediate problem. How was I going to get my 1700 notes across to Google Drive? Many contain PDF attachments, images or web clippings. I almost thought I had to give up on the idea... until I suddenly remembered CloudHQ.

In fact, CloudHQ is the only service (that I found) that seems able to do the trick: convert my Evernote files to Google Drive!

Time to put this to the test. Once you log into your account, you are i…