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SPB Wallet by SPB

SPB Wallet
Around 2009, mostly to see if my frustrations with eWallet were justified, I bought SPB Wallet.

I really liked the clean layout, ease of use, and the application of templates. I thought I had found my (wallet) partner for life! However, soon I found that like eWallet, it worked well as a backup of my credit card information and passport numbers, but not in my day to day digital life. Although it did slightly better in automatically entering a username and password into a site, it still required to keep the program open all day.

Also, as mentioned, early 2010 I had traded my iPod for a gorgeous Google Nexus One phone, and SPB made no promises whatsoever of Android support. In fact, repeated questions in the forums are always dismissed with "it's not our company policy to discuss our future plans". Truth be told, I am not at all too sure of those future plans. As far as I know there hasn't been an update to their software in years, and I am under the impression that SPB Wallet is slowly being forgotten even by the developers. Their support in the forums is lukewarm at best.

I found that after about half a year of playing with both eWallet and SPB Wallet, they offered basically the same functions. I never gave SPB Wallet my fullest attention, but I'd say that if eWallet and SPB Wallet had a shoot out, it would end up in a draw.

In summery, SPB Wallet was not capable of replacing eWallet for me, and my quest to find The One Program continued.