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eWallet vs SPB Wallet vs 1Password vs LastPass

I know the subject of wallet/password software is highly subjective, but I'll still try to give a comparison of the four programs I talked about (I deliberately won't use the word "reviewed", because it was mostly based on my personal expectations and findings).

eWallet SPB Wallet 1Password LastPass
$19.95 for all versions and platforums, the iPhone app is an additional $9.99. $19.95 for the Windows version, up to $29.95 bundle price. $29.95 for the Windows version, up to $59.95 bundle price. Free, though Premium features and support is $12 per year.
Wallet features
eWallet SPB Wallet 1Password LastPass
Wallet items are 100% flexible, can resemble just about any card, document or layout. Attachments are encrypted within the file. Is confusing at first though and has a distinct learning curve. Digital wallet, has thousands of (downloadable) templates available to match the card  in your real wallet. Works easy and intuitive. Has a few templates, though not customizable and no graphics. Offers encrypted attachments.. Not very flexible, but does exactly what it needs to do. Very rudimentary templates, not customizable, no graphics, no attachments. However it does allows for prefilling many commonly used fields in the browser, such as credit card information or profile/address.
Password features
eWallet SPB Wallet 1Password LastPass
One way only - you have to open eWallet and click the item from there to have the password entered into the browser. Password changes have to be entered manually. One way only - needs SPB Wallet open and the website entered from there to autofill the login information. Does not keep track of changed passwords. Very slick browser integration. Two-way sync between browser and program, though you need to enter the master password each time you open the browser. Does not autofill any fields in websites, it requires manually activating the plug-in. Full browser support, in fact it is a browser app rather than just a plugin. Automatically fills all fields that were previously entered, and keeps automatic track of all changes. Premium features such as profiles really make LastPass a breeze to use both for beginners and advanced users.
eWallet SPB Wallet 1Password LastPass
No community support, but staff is responsive when sending a support ticket. Basic community support, staff is rather helpful in the forums. Awesome! Staff is friendly, alert and keen, kudos! They go out of their way to welcome new members in the forum too. Good community support, forum is active (though mostly peer to peer). Staff does its job,  though ticket support is slightly slow. Overall: adequate.
eWallet SPB Wallet 1Password LastPass
eWallet is still actively developed, with the latest upgrade released this month. I do think they will be here to stay for many years to come.. SPB Wallet does almost everything it needs to do, but I don't think it is actively developed at this moment. Their last update was at the beginning of 2010, a lifetime in software updates. 1PassWord is almost rabidly supported and updated, with at least weekly updates and tweaks. I never tried their Mac product, but it seems their Windows product is definitely trailing behind at this moment. As a relative newcomer, LastPass seems full of p*ss and vinegar still... and I hope that is here to stay. I think their product could still use a lot of interface improvements, and a vastly improved widget which does not require 4 or 5 clicks to perform simple tasks such as switch identities.
Last remarks
eWallet SPB Wallet 1Password LastPass
The program used to be the cream of the crop 10 years ago, but unfortunately they seem stuck in that time period. In my opinion, they are trailing behind and not offer support for (now) basic features such as wireless syncing or cloud storage. Hopefully that will change one day! SPB wallet doest what it needs to do, and has a few sweet features that eWallet is lacking. In my mind, it will always be an "also-ran" though... probably more so because I didn't use it extensively enough, than because I have real gripes with it.  I know that the Windows software is just out of beta, so I will definitely keep my eyes on 1Password and see what future updates will bring. So far, I am deeply impressed with the software... the price is slightly steeper than the others, but I think you get what you pay for. Considering what LastPass professes to be - a tool to make browsing easier and more secure - I can't fault LastPass in any way! Their product is designed with the user in mind. It does not offer eye candy or fancy gadgets - it just does the job and does it really well. Has my highest recommendation for day to day use - it made my digital life so much easier!

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